The Journey of Italian Dolci: Nutella Pizza

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Nutella, if you have somehow never encountered it, is a famous chocolate hazelnut spread. It can be served on toast in the morning at home, swirled into gelato, and also spread on warm pizza bianca. 

Some might argue that Nutella pizza isn’t much different from warm bread topped with creamy chocolate spread. And while they may share similarities, if you’ve experienced it, you know it’s a whole new level of indulgence. Perhaps it’s the slight crunchiness of the pizza dough, the way it gently melts the Nutella, or simply the idea of enjoying pizza as a dessert that makes it so good.

Back in the ’90s, Nutella pizza was relatively new, but over the years, it has soared to become one of Italy’s favorite desserts.

Nutella Pizza is the ultimate sweet snack (merenda)  for children. The simple, salty pizza is cut in half and the Nutella is spread liberally inside. If you have small kids, it is mess waiting to happen.. but it also produces pure joy. It is salty and sweet, crunchy and soft. The pleasure is immense.